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Hard Money Ventures

Private Money Lender Utah

Private Money for Real Estate Loans & Conduit Large Apartment FannieMae products

, & Utility Improvement Grants & Loans for Rural Communities 

Utah Hard Money offers Investors:

         1. A spec home opportunity. Call and fill out the form.

         2. A commercial opportunity. Call and fill out the form.

In order to participate you must have $60,000 minimum with $45,000 down and $15,000 in reserves for the spec homes and good and qualify for a $250,000 loan. Or for 50% ownership in a 4 plex you must have $80,000 minimum, good credit and qualify for a $450,000 loan with .

For commercial credit $100,000 minimum or $300,000 good credit and qualify for a

You may need apply for a cash out refinance on your home, investment properties, farm, land, an dor commercial buildings in order to qualify.

Utah Hard Money Lender gives you cash out, Utah Private money lender, Utah Hard money investor