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Hard Money Loans require no credit pull, no taxes

Posted on 26 October, 2016 at 23:20 Comments comments (263)

We lend up to 75% on the value of your commercial or investor real estate, and these loans are based mostly on value of your property. We do not charge upfront fees for those borrowers that sign a 10 day exclusive term sheet, that gives the terms of the Hard Money Loan that, "you", the borrower has agreed to. Without this contract signed thre is a $500 upfront fee for us possibly wasting our time with borrowers that walk away after we have spent our time, and energy working to close your loan. 

However we do more than hard money loans, and as our risk goes down and your fianncial documentation increases, and your credit risk is lower for us, the rates and terms get better.


I am purchasing always. you may not make offers on my behalf. 

Hydrogen Farms uses Opportunity Zone Money to establish new sources of sustainable energy with farms, greenhouses, processing plants. call 310 713 7194 for details.  

With the amount of solar and wind energy available in the region, farms could produce the electricity needed to make their hydrogen to fuel all the equipment and produce all the fertilizer needed. This self-sustaining model would cut long-term costs from the fuel consumption and fertilizer purchased while resulting in more energy independence.

The hydrogen fueled farm of the future | HYdrogen Properties for Energy

Did you know that hydrogen was used before natural gas ? 

Cities like Chicago operated  ran on Hydrogen.hydrogen.wsu.edu/2021/08/04/the-hydrogen-fueled-farm-…